Is It Time to Receive In-Home Care?


When an elderly parent or loved one is living independently, you may be concerned for their health and safety. Although they may be capable of living independently today, there may come a time when they require additional help. Home care in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is an excellent care option that allows seniors to age without neglecting their needs and overall health.

As a trusted provider of respite care in Pennsylvania, we will discuss the signs that indicate a need for additional help at home:

  • Cognitive Decline
    If you are worried an elderly loved one is experiencing cognitive decline, look out for symptoms like frequent forgetfulness, general confusion, and a loss of reasoning skills. You may notice your loved one having difficulty managing medications or remembering to perform daily tasks.
  • Behavioral Changes
    Changes in behavior may take the form of late payments, stacks of unopened mail, or keeping expired food and ingredients. Your loved one may also lose interest in their favorite activities or exhibit changes in their sleeping and eating patterns. Other behavioral changes that cause concern include increased agitation and severe mood swings.
  • Physical Changes
    If your loved one has always been particular about their physical appearance, you may notice a change right away. A decline in personal hygiene may indicate mobility issues or other problems. Another sign is unhealthy weight loss or gain that could tell your loved one cannot prepare healthy meals that meet their dietary needs.

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