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Our Live-In Care service aims to offer home care services to every individual in the comfort of their own home. Our professional caregivers are responsible for giving around-the-clock care and supervision to ensure that your needs are immediately met. They will also perform regular monitoring to see if there are changes or improvements in your health.

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Home Care Services In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

We are hands-on in delivering personal care to ensure visible results.

Aging, illness, or disability should not be a hindrance to maintain good personal hygiene. However, if your loved ones are already having a hard time taking care of themselves, then you can trust us to help them with their personal hygiene needs. We will see to it that they are clean and organized every single day.

Caregivers' responsibility includes

  • Help with a sponge bath, tub bath, bed bath or a shower
  • Wash hair and help your loved ones with their favorite hairstyle
  • Help with dental hygiene
  • And more
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Allow us to provide the right care for your senior loved ones with Dementia. Personal Care In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

It's not easy to take care of a patient with Dementia. There are things you need to adjust in order to maintain a gentle pace with them. When it comes to Dementia care, you can always trust us. We have highly trained professional caregivers who are experts in providing care services that would help achieve and accomplish their day-to-day activities.

Our agency offers around-the-clock support with the following services:

  • Engaging activities for mental stimulation
  • Meals and medication reminders on a routine schedule
  • Compassionate support for their day-to-day activities
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We will always be by your side - your warm and friendly companion.

Anyone can experience depression. Your senior or disabled loved ones are also prone to being depressed if no one can take care of them physically and emotionally. Don't let this happen to them. We understand how being alone and lonely feels. That is why we are offering companion care services to individuals who need someone to keep them company at home.

Our companionship services include, but are not limited to:

  • Arranging appointments
  • Assistance with morning wake-up
  • Bedtime assistance
  • Medication reminders
  • Accompanying to doctor's visits
  • Grocery lists preparation
  • Assistance with reading
  • Visiting neighbors friends
  • Playing games or cards
  • Assistance with coupon clipping
  • Answering the telephone
  • Organizing/mailing bills and letters
  • Caring for house plants
  • And more
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Veterans and their surviving spouses can qualify for up to $2,200 per month to help pay for an aide in their home.Senior Care In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Our fathers, mothers, and friends may be eligible for a unique benefit via the Veterans Administration (VA) called "Aid and Attendance." The benefit can provide up to $2,200 per month to Veterans and their spouses who need non-medical care/assistance to help them with activities of daily living in their home or chosen place of residence. There are currently over 15 million Veterans who are believed could qualify for this benefit and only 3% of them are currently taking advantage of it - mainly because most all don't know it exists or have been inaccurately told by the VA that they don't qualify.

This benefit requires that the Veteran or surviving spouse comply with the following:

  • They are over age 65.
  • They are a Veteran, a spouse of a living Veteran, or a surviving spouse of a Veteran.
  • The Veteran served as Active Military status for 90 days during an approved time of war: WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War.
  • The Veteran had an honorable discharge.
  • The Veteran or surviving spouse meets income requirements.
  • The Veteran, spouse of a living Veteran, or surviving spouse of a Veteran needs assistance with bathing, grooming, meal preparation, etc. on a regular basis in order to stay independent in their home or chosen place of residence.
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From medicine intake reminders, assisting in mobility within and outside the house, helping in personal hygiene, or just providing companionship care, we got you covered. Our ever-reliable personal attendants are here to ensure that your loved ones are given the care and attention that they deserve 24/7. Again, areas we cover are Philadelphia PA, Montgomery PA, Delaware PA, Chester PA, Berks PA, Bucks PA, and in need of senior professional home care services, give us a call and we'll be glad to answer your queries.

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It is our mission to provide our clients with exceptional home care services and achie ve the optimum wellness they deserve. Our mission and vision will be achieved through the application of our core values, which include:

Comfort- Keeping our client's health, safety, quality of life and well-being central in the design and delivery of services.

Affection- Treating and interacting with our clients with love, dignity, compassion, and empathy.

Respect- Showing respect for all cultures, religions, ethnicity, sexual orientation, ages, gender and disabilities.

Integrity- Treating our clients with honesty and integrity while recognizing and maintaining confidentiality of client information.

Nurture- Nurturing our clients for their optimum independence, security and privacy.

Generosity- Provide our clients unselfish good-hearted staff members who are generous with their care and compassion.

Mission Statement

We will create a solid resolve that will lead us to reach our clients' ideal services and complete the personalized plans based on their situation. It is our responsibility...

Vision Statement

By addressing their concerns, we hope to gain the trust of our community due to the excellent performance and dedication that we put into our services, careers...

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Your caregiver arrives, eager to get to know your loved one while taking care of everything they need.

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