Are Chocolates Really Good for Your Health?


Chocolates have a terrible image for being too sweet and unhealthy for general health. Some medical specialists, however, would prefer to disprove this theory. Chocolate has numerous health benefits that can assist you or an aging relative. It’s more than a Valentine’s Day treat. It’s also essential for improved wellness!

Chocolates are a good source of many nutrients when consumed in moderation. Aside from that, they are recognized to aid in stress reduction. You may reap a variety of benefits depending on the sort of chocolate you consume. As a result, medical and nutritional specialists advocate dark chocolate over white or milk chocolate. Dark chocolate contains less sugar and fat, thus making it a good option for those looking after their weight and blood sugar levels.

Here are more benefits from our favorite chocolatey treat that our providers of respite care in Pennsylvania would like to share:

  • Contains high levels of antioxidants
  • Lowers cholesterol levels
  • May prevent cognitive decline
  • Helps with heart health
  • Can boost oxygen availability during fitness training

Despite the excellent news, chocolate consumption should be done with caution. Chocolate consumption in excess can lead to cavities, increased sugar levels, weight gain, poor bone structure, and kidney problems. The recommended quantity of chocolate per serving is 1 to 2 ounces (30-60g).

So don’t feel guilty about eating that chocolate bar. It’s preferable to have the correct amount of sugar in your body than to have none at all. Remember that moderation is the key.

For more information about senior health, feel free to get in touch with Reliable Best Care, your reliable provider of home care in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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How to Know if Aging in Place Suits Us?

Our home is one of our favorite places. If we have a choice, we will not trade it with any other type of residence. This is where we form our fondest memories with our family who are the dearest people in our lives. This place holds so much sentimental value to us. This is why we want to age in place. But along with aging comes certain challenges such as deteriorating health, mobility issues, injuries due to falling, disability, and other concerns that could affect our decision whether to age in place or not. We need assistance in these situations. Fortunately, we can continue staying in our homes while receiving assistance through the home care services like those provided at Home Care in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Let’s look at the following factors that could influence whether or not we age in place.

  • Being isolated
    When going outside our homes becomes hard or impossible, we can easily get isolated. We won’t be able to do the things we used to love anymore, participate in community activities or see our friends and family members. This could lead to depression. We need assistance from family members, institutionalized care facilities, or in-home care setup. If you know anyone who is taking care of a family member, refer him/her to us. We are hiring.
  • Health issues
    If we have a chronic illness that is anticipated to become worse as time goes by, it’s imperative that we should think about how we manage our health and mobility issues. We should know the typical complications of our sickness and how to deal with them.
  • Costs
    We should compare carefully the costs of staying in other residences set up, such as assisted living, nursing homes, etc. to the costs of receiving care and services at home. Most of the time, aging in place is cheaper but it could get more expensive, especially if we hire a stay-in caregiver who can give 24-hour coverage. These primary caregivers can be given breaks through respite care, such as respite care in Pennsylvania.
  • Opinion of the family
    We get the final say on where we want to live, but it would be beneficial if we listen to the views of the other members of our family. Let’s hear about their worries like our safety, or health issues, especially those that need heavy care. Different options may be discussed like assisted living, in-home care, veterans care, etc.

Ponder on the above factors and decide whether you want to age at home and receive services from home care agencies such as Reliable Best Care or choose alternative options for your residence.

Is It Time to Receive In-Home Care?


When an elderly parent or loved one is living independently, you may be concerned for their health and safety. Although they may be capable of living independently today, there may come a time when they require additional help. Home care in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is an excellent care option that allows seniors to age without neglecting their needs and overall health.

As a trusted provider of respite care in Pennsylvania, we will discuss the signs that indicate a need for additional help at home:

  • Cognitive Decline
    If you are worried an elderly loved one is experiencing cognitive decline, look out for symptoms like frequent forgetfulness, general confusion, and a loss of reasoning skills. You may notice your loved one having difficulty managing medications or remembering to perform daily tasks.
  • Behavioral Changes
    Changes in behavior may take the form of late payments, stacks of unopened mail, or keeping expired food and ingredients. Your loved one may also lose interest in their favorite activities or exhibit changes in their sleeping and eating patterns. Other behavioral changes that cause concern include increased agitation and severe mood swings.
  • Physical Changes
    If your loved one has always been particular about their physical appearance, you may notice a change right away. A decline in personal hygiene may indicate mobility issues or other problems. Another sign is unhealthy weight loss or gain that could tell your loved one cannot prepare healthy meals that meet their dietary needs.

Reliable Best Care is a trusted home care provider comprised of qualified and reliable personal attendants. Our range of services includes mobility assistance, personal care, veterans care, and more. Reach out to us to arrange our services. Veterans Care

Why People with Special Needs Should Opt for Home Care

why-people-with-special-needs-should-opt-for-home care

For different reasons, some of us lose the ability to take care of ourselves. This may be due to old age, chronic disease, disability, or perhaps recuperating from a surgical operation. In this case, if you are in this condition, you need the assistance of others to help tend to your needs. They may be from members of your family, but probably there are times when they are not available. You have other alternatives such as nursing homes or home care among others. While nursing homes may be good, you might feel homesick. What would be best for you in this situation is to opt for home care. There are many good home care in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Of them, Reliable Best Care ranks among the best. They offer top-quality home care services.

Why is home care the best option for you? Let’s look at the following advantages.

    Free of employer obligations
    You won’t have to worry about employer obligations such as the worker’s taxes, compensation, insurance, etc. if you decide to hire the services of a home care company. We cover all of these for all of our employees.

  • You’ll feel safe.
    As a home care institution, we conduct a thorough background check for the criminal records of all our applicants when we are hiring home care professionals. Rest assured that no one of questionable character or with a criminal record will set foot in your home.
  • You’ll have undisrupted service.
    Even if the home care professional sent to you becomes ill, suffers an injury, or finds other jobs, a home care company such as ours can easily send a replacement. We also set up respite care in Pennsylvania to ensure that all our clients will always have a home care professional.
  • You’ll have assurance from theft and abuse.
    Home care companies are required to have insurance that would cover your loss in an event of theft. We are also mandated by law to conduct an immediate investigation regarding charges of theft and abuse.
  • You’ll have the most updated and well-trained home care professional.
    Home Care companies ensure continuous training to all of their home care employees to ensure the delivery of the best service possible.

Definitely, using home care is the best option.

Our company also offers veterans care. If you are a veteran or spouse of a surviving veteran get 20hrs plus of care for free. What are you waiting for? Contact us now.

Reigniting Your Passion


Suffering from a burn out can be an extremely difficult thing to go through. However, being able to recover and reignite your passion is also very important. Today, we at Reliable Best Care will talk about burn out and the things that you can do to recover from it. It is actually very common for caregiving family members to get burnt out. This is due to not having the time for themselves and pushing themselves too hard. That is why you should rely on home care in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to provide not only your loved ones with support, but you as well.

One of the key ways that a caregiver can avoid burning themselves out is getting respite care. This type of care allows the caregiver to take time for themselves while a care provider, like ourselves, will take over the duty of taking care of their loved ones. Respite care is also a viable solution to recover from a burn out. While you work towards reigniting your passion for caregiving, we can step in and provide outstanding care. Should you need respite care in Pennsylvania, we are here to help you out.

Aside from respite, we also offer veterans care, among others. Let us know today and we will give you the best services possible.

The Seeds of Positive Aging


Growing old is inevitable. And truth be told, if you were to survey people’s views on aging, most would have a negative connotation to it. Stereotypes include weakness, vulnerability, illness, and more. Although these are true in some aspects, it is not all there is to aging. Over the years, various fields have paved the way in providing an optimistic outlook on aging and offering tips for increased quality of life.

Here, we not only aim to provide respite care in Pennsylvania, but we also seek to incorporate well-being factors at the heart of our services.

Such as:

  • Compensating and Optimizing
    Aging inarguably comes with a decline in multiple areas. As such, compensating for such losses by receiving support from others is necessary so that the elderly can optimize the remaining activities they can do independently. Our skilled professionals cater to the specific needs of each client so they can allocate their energy to their intact functions.
  • Sustaining Social Connections
    Nothing fosters well-being better than having social interactions with loved ones and building new friendships. They significantly gain from having a sense of belongingness and participating in social activities. Our home care services are teeming with these benefits since our clients gain new companions through our dedicated staff and stay connected with their significant others, all while getting the help they deserve.
  • Staying in One’s Home
    Indeed, there is no place like home. When the elderly are forced to leave home, it takes a toll on them. This is why home care and veterans care are advantageous. Through our services, our clients are granted familiarity, ease, and warmth as we provide care to them in the comfort of their own homes.

Here at Reliable Best Care, we are equipped with experienced and compassionate caregivers who provide home care in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Just as a seed needs nutrients to reach its full potential, with proper care and attention, we can also help you cultivate the positive aspects of aging. Talk to us about how we could accommodate you or your loved ones right at your doorsteps.

The Importance of Hobbies in Senior Life


It may not seem like it, but the life of seniors can be quite lonely. Older adults often live alone. Their medical conditions may also prevent them from going out of the house as much as they want to. Many seniors even opt to receive home care and veterans care to ensure that their needs are met.

As a provider of respite care in Pennsylvania, we want seniors and older adults to enjoy their senior years. What better way to achieve this objective than through good hobbies?

Hobbies are simply activities that seniors can do for fun. Other hobbies are also done to fulfill a certain passion in us. Some have a passion for music, hence they play musical instruments. Some individuals are passionate about the fine arts, which is why they dabble in painting.

These hobbies are great for helping seniors fight intense feelings of loneliness. They are at a higher risk of feeling these negative emotions because they may be socially isolated. Also, their medical conditions may be stressful. Ultimately, these factors hurt their mental health.

With hobbies, they get to experience positive emotions because many of these activities are highly enjoyable. Also, some hobbies can facilitate healthy habits for seniors. Hobbies such as gardening and walking can help not only with mental health but with physical health as well.

For these reasons, every caretaker should help seniors find hobbies that fit their preferences. Make sure you take care of your seniors the right way with us here at Reliable Best Care.

We provide quality home care in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, that can surely help your loved ones live better lives at home. Make sure to get in touch with us for more details.

The Special Kind of Care for the Veterans


Veterans are essential for our country’s honor and freedom. Without them, there will be no life, liberty, or pursuit of happiness. Throughout history, they dedicated a part of their lives to serving and protecting us.

To acknowledge their service and show our gratitude to them, it is just right to offer them service as they grow old through veterans care. This program is aimed to provide home and personal care services to the backbone of our country so they may live the rest of their lives comfortably and with quality.

But caring for a veteran is a complex job and requires commitment. Often, their family caregivers would need respite care in Pennsylvania so they may also take a break and rejuvenate and revitalize their spirit in caring for their loved ones.

As veterans need a special kind of care, family caregivers can and should seek the help of any home care in Philadelphia with experts, professional caregivers, and even trained volunteers to support their care. They must possess the insatiable desire to help heal both the visible and invisible wounds of the war inflicted on the veterans and each one has unique needs. This is why a professional caregiver should have a sincere appreciation for the veteran being cared for.

Hiring a dedicated caregiver can surely make a significant difference in the lives of veterans. And if you are looking for one to take your place for a certain period, you can be sure to rely on Reliable Best Care for that.

Call us now to know more about the services we offer for veterans and other senior adults.

Hiring Dependable Carers to Ensure Proper Elderly Nutrition


Dementia patients’ memory functions gradually deteriorate. Patients lose their freedom as their medical condition worsens, and they are more likely to become a danger to themselves and those around them, necessitating home care in Philadephia, Pennsylvania. Particularly since these patients are frequently malnourished as a result of their medical condition.

Undernutrition is the leading cause of elderly mortality and morbidity. Malnourishment happens when dementia patients forget to eat, are unable to cook, or go to the grocery to shop. The situation may worsen, resulting in additional health complications. At this point, patients must be properly assisted in meeting their nutrient requirements. A reliable care provider would be beneficial.

Reliable Best Care is committed to assisting all types of patients in living a better life. We will monitor their health and encourage them to exercise. We can assist family members in ensuring that their senior loved ones eat nutritious meals and are safe.

We also offer respite care in Pennsylvania. This service is crucial as it helps in preventing caregiver burnout, especially to family members who act as primary carers. Through our service, they can take a break and recuperate without worrying about their loved ones because we make sure we provide the best care.

Compassion is at the heart of why we do what we do. We only want what is best for our patients and prioritize their comfort. We provide high-quality home care and veterans care by employing only qualified individuals.

Contact us to learn more about our services.

Count on Us for a Reliable Care


Being a trusted provider of home care in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania allows us to fulfill our dedication to our clients as we believe that each of them is entitled to the best possible health and quality of life. Instilling this, our passion for caring for them was established. We provide around-the-clock care where we can help you improve your entire well-being. This way, we can better manage your condition and give you the assistance you need anytime.

Our care services are tailored to your specific requirements. Know that we value your preferences. You will notice considerable improvements in your health thanks to our highly trained personnel. If you need 24-hour in-home care but are unable to pay for it, we can help with the application process for obtaining adequate funds to cover the cost of your care without charging anything.

We offer respite care in Pennsylvania. We understand that although family caregivers are in charge of aiding their loved ones at all times, they do, however, require time to relax and respond to personal concerns. We recognize their hard work that is why we support them by taking care of their loved ones while they take some time off.

We also provide veterans care to all veterans and their surviving spouses. We make sure that they receive the assistance they require at home. Keep in mind that when it comes to dependable care, you can rely on Reliable Best Care. Should you or a loved one need any of our services, don’t hesitate to contact us!